Mary's Journey with Yoga

My yoga journey began in 1994. I was working full time at Indiana Institute of Technology. I was also a Certified Fitness Professional through American College of Sports Medicine. I taught fitness classes before and after work. I was running 5k and 10k races with friends on the weekends. I was addicted to working out. One day I was reading a fitness magazine to get ideas for class and came across an article on yoga. It caught my interest so I purchased one of the suggested videos. After practicing once I was hooked. I felt amazing…energized and not worn out. I experienced a “calm” I had never felt before. It was the fist time I connected to my body. I had been abusing it with overwork.

I started a home practice and it has endured to this day. I loved the body awareness I gained. Mindfully I practiced yoga while pregnant for my first daughter. Once she was born I became a stay at home mom but continued to teach fitness classes. I read books on yoga and subscribed to Yoga Journal and International Yoga Magazines. I attended workshops throughout the Midwest. I couldnʼt get enough. I started incorporating yoga in my fitness classes and my students asked for more. In 1999 I completed YogaFit Level 1 and began teaching beginner yoga classes. I craved more.

I continued to attend workshops and trainings while my family grew by 2 more. With 3 young daughters at home yoga kept me sane. In 2009 I completed my 200hr Prairie Training and began studying Ayurvedic Medicine. In 2010 I became EnhanceFitness Certified. I now instruct classes for all ages and fitness levels. It is a journey and I am enjoying every step of the way. I teach what I know and continue to learn daily. I am working toward my 500hr Yoga Alliance Certification. Yoga and Ayurveda now influence all aspects of my life…yoga is meant to be lived off the mat.

What started as a physical practice has emerged into so much more. I thank all of my instructors and mentors, especially Tricia Fiske, for inspiring me. My connection to God gets stronger daily through this practice. My husband, Steve, and daughters, Tricia, Stephanie and Samantha and all of my students along the way have supported me and taught me so much. They have tried poses, breathing exercises, meditations and many recipes and remedies.

My intention is to be a wife, mother and instructor who is truly authentic and present.

Daily Habits to get Hooked on

Up by 6am (48 minutes before sunrise)

Prayer of gratitude

Clean mouth, face, eyes (rose water)

Eye exercises

Drink a glass of room temp water (copper cup)

Sit on toilet (behavior modification)

Scrape your Tongue clean teeth

Gargle with Sesame Oil

Cleansing breaths

NeilMed or Neti Pot nasal wash (sesame oil in nose)

Dry body brushing (lymphatic cleanse)

Warm oil massage sesame oil (abhyanga)

Digestive tea (cumin, coriander, fennel)

Yoga asana


Biggest Meal between 10-2 pm

Sip warm water with lime/lemon throughout day

Fruits should be eaten alone, not at the meal

Supper should be light and not eaten after 7:30 pm

Scripture reading…inhale calm…exhale smile

Be Present

To bed by 10pm


Yoga is for everyone.  Yoga heals, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention.  Yoga can reduce stress, control weight, relieve lower back pain and enhance focus.  Classes will include pranayama (breathing exercises), asana (postures) and relaxation (meditative imagery) to align the body and free the mind.  Ayurvedic (Science of Life) tips will be included in all classes.

Beginners will learn correct alignment to fold forward, bend backward, lengthen the side body and twist to cleanse.  This class is open to beginners and beyond.

Yoga for Athletes will challenge individuals who are currently working out or practicing yoga.  Sun Salutations will prepare the body for strengthening yoga postures.  Moderate fitness level recommended.

Practicing Yoga and developing simple Ayurvedic habits can change your life today.