Daily Habits to get Hooked on

Up by 6am (48 minutes before sunrise)

Prayer of gratitude

Clean mouth, face, eyes (rose water)

Eye exercises

Drink a glass of room temp water (copper cup)

Sit on toilet (behavior modification)

Scrape your Tongue clean teeth

Gargle with Sesame Oil

Cleansing breaths

NeilMed or Neti Pot nasal wash (sesame oil in nose)

Dry body brushing (lymphatic cleanse)

Warm oil massage sesame oil (abhyanga)

Digestive tea (cumin, coriander, fennel)

Yoga asana


Biggest Meal between 10-2 pm

Sip warm water with lime/lemon throughout day

Fruits should be eaten alone, not at the meal

Supper should be light and not eaten after 7:30 pm

Scripture reading…inhale calm…exhale smile

Be Present

To bed by 10pm