Amy Dwire 200-hr CYT

Amy first tried yoga while living in Chicago and didn’t understand the appeal. Why would she add on 15 minutes to an already frustrating 60-minute commute just to stretch? It wasn’t until an unexpected diagnosis, and the resulting stress, that Amy realized the importance of self-care.

After her infant son was diagnosed with cancer, an amazing friend convinced Amy to try yoga one more time. This friend knew the wonderful stress relief benefits of yoga and Amy had a life-altering emotional release (tears included) after just one class; she had no idea how much she had been holding in. She was hooked and noticed a difference in herself when she was able to make it to the studio.  

After realizing how yoga helped her deal with her son’s diagnosis and the stress of everyday life, she decided to pursue a certification in hopes of helping others find the same release. In the Summer of 2018, Amy became a 200 hour CYT through Fusion’s Teacher Training program.  

Amy and her husband, Kevin, moved to Fort Wayne in the Fall of 2013 and have three amazing kids.

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” ~Aristotle Onassis