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Unraveling the Emotional Body: Part 1

  • Fusion Yoga 6382 W Jefferson Blvd Fort Wayne United States (map)

We are beings of energy, responding to every input in our experience as humans. Emotion and thought have their own energetic component and impact us on an energetic level, often becoming trapped. Trapped emotion, as stagnant vibrating energy, remains with us and often causes misunderstood issues, ailments, diseases, and moods. It is our responsibility to look within and discover, understand, and release this trapped energy as well as how we have structured our physical being around it. Over the course of two weekend modules, Unraveling the Emotional Body will teach many methods, tools, and practices to wholly acknowledge what we have been avoiding as well as the path to liberating ourselves and our students from suffering. This module introduces therapeutic and somatic methods of unwinding contraction in the body; reposturing and releases; Tantra and energetics; balancing the elements in the body; self-care practices; mantra and chanting; bandhas and pranayama; meditation and more.

Unraveling the Emotional Body Part One will introduce methods of embodiment and sensation to begin the journey in as we address attachment. Increasing sensitivity and awareness of this layer of ourselves requires patience, time, and self- care. We will examine many of the common structures and ailments of trapped emotions, how to perform therapeutic body assessments, as well as prescriptive releases. Transformation and balancing of the elements is key to this healing process—you will tap into the earth, water, and fire elements and learn methods to balance them energetically. Come with an open heart, ready to become vulnerable to the messages, memories, and calling of all the Emotional Body has to teach you.

Facilitated by: Gretchen Fruchey

Dates & Times:
October 11th - 13th

Fri 2pm - 6:30pm
Sat 8am - 4pm
Sun 8am - 2pm

Cost: $465 / included if registered in 300-hr teacher training