Jill Hancock

Jill Hancock is a proud Idaho native who found an unexpected home in Indiana. She met Celeste in 2014 during new employee training at Lincoln Financial Group shortly after relocating from Philadelphia. Three years later Jill and her sister Nancy (Button) took Celeste's Hot Flow class for Nancy's birthday and the rest is history.

Jill has a master's degree in Sports & Exercise Science and bachelor's degree in Health Science. She has worked in health & wellness across the U.S. for corporations and universities as well as coached athletic teams and individuals. Her background in Health and Exercise Science combined with a lifetime of experience in running, team sports, CrossFit, obstacle course racing, and the military gives Jill a unique perspective on functional fitness that she is honored to bring to Sculpt at Fusion.

Jill 's Sculpt classes are designed to use your entire body as you tone, strengthen, and transform your body in a way that you have never experienced before. Jill also offers one-on-one personal fitness training that is tailored to your goals and personal health focus.