Sarah Werner
200-hr RYT

Sarah was first introduced to yoga after completing ministry school in Redding, CA and had recently moved back in with her parents at her childhood home in Indiana. She somewhat had found herself in a place of desperation, lacking vision and purpose. Knowing she was in search of something completely new, a friend she nannied for suggested that she become a “Karma girl” at a local studio nearby. Determined to not stay stuck and with eyes full of hope, Sarah said yes and her journey with yoga began.

Sarah later became a certified 200 hour Teacher Trainer with a specialization in vinyasa flow. Yoga has inspired her to keep her body moving and has enhanced her flexibility in every way. As a teacher, Sarah expires to create classes that provide creativity as well as challenge to overcome any limitations that inhibit you to be your best self. She is a firm believer in helping people become the best versions of themselves and believes yoga is an amazing avenue to provide just that.

Sarah is married to her husband, Josh, and they share three beautiful babies — Canon, Selah, and Pippah.

Life is but a whirlwind, however she is determined to tackle life with grace and expectancy, and keep her eyes full of hope.