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+ Unheated

AromaYoga: A vinyasa class that adds the natural, harmonizing earth element of plants into the practice space by use of essential oils to balance body, mind, and spirit.

Basic Flow Yoga: Build a strong foundation for your yoga practice in this weekly class that will familiarize you with the yoga poses. See how yoga can supplement your everyday activities with this beginners paced class!

Core Conditioning (Oov): The Oov is a revolutionary new piece of equipment designed for use with both elite athletes and those with injuries or rehabilitative needs. The Oov provides an unstable platform to aid engagement of the deep core muscles, while increasing range and strength of the joints and limbs. The Oov is the perfect accompaniment for all other activities. You will leave feeling taller, stronger and longer.

Flow Yoga: Intelligently designed vinyasa sequence that allows the practitioner to explore their flexibility and strength.

Flow Yoga w/ Sound Meditation: Experience the wondrous world of meditation with sound immersion, an ancient art of vibrational tones to reset and restore cellular and emotional patterns in the physical and energetic body. Sound immersion is a simple and direct-connect to the powerful benefits of meditation - promoting deep relaxation and a quiet mind. The harmonic resonance orchestrates an energetic reset to release stress and tension in the body. Instructor Deborah Connelly is certified in deep relaxation, stress reduction, mind detoxification, and group meditation by the International Academy of Sound Healing for physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Beginners are welcome. Please wear comfortable, light-colored clothing. It is recommended to remove any metal on your body, as metals have their own frequency and may interfere in the process. Private or group sessions available.

Gentle Yoga: An adaptive yoga class to aid in flexibility, balance, and mobility in order to strengthen bones and encourage increased joint lubrication. This class uses props to modify traditional yoga poses and allows you to pick a pace that is perfect for you. Appropriate for all ages, highly recommended for those that feel intimidated by a traditional yoga class or need yoga for recovery from injury.

Restorative Yoga: Slow down and open the body through the use of props and passive stretches. The pace of this class is an excellent way to combat stress and anxiety.

Yin: A slow and deliberate practice designed to safely stretch the body's joints, connective tissues, and muscles while integrating a focus on mindfulness.

Yoga: Pranayama, asana, and meditation meant to deepen not only your practice on the mat but also nurture your mind and spirit off of the mat. Be inspired to ignite your home practice.

+ Heated 85 - 95 degrees

Barre Sculpt: A class that combines strengthening and toning of the lower body with elegant ballet based movements at the barre and away from the barre. This class is heated from 86 - 96 degrees.

Sculpt 30: A 30 minute high intensity workout mixing cardio and weight training targeting arms, glutes, and abs. (30 minutes)

Sculpt 45: A 45 minute traditional group exercise class to build body strength, tone muscle, and burn calories. Sweat and stretch towards peak physical fitness. This class is slightly heated.

Heated Flow Yoga: Intelligently designed vinyasa sequence that allows the practitioner to explore their flexibility and strength. This class is heated between 86 - 96 degrees. Sculpt: Yoga, weights, and cardio come together for a full body workout. This class is heated between 86 - 96 degrees.

Tabata and Tone: A class that combines HIIT to condition the heart, core exercises to help improve posture, and stretching exercises to maintain flexibility while using light weights to create long, strong, and lean muscles. This class is appropriate for all levels and is the perfect compliment to yoga, barre, and sculpt. This class is slightly heated.

+ Hot 95 - 103 degrees

Hot Flow Yoga: Intelligently designed vinyasa sequence that allows the practitioner to tap into their personal practice through offering a variety of options. Some familiarity with yoga is recommended, this class is heated between 97 - 101 degrees - you will sweat!

Hot Power Yoga: Yoga meets fitness for this power hour! A vigorous and challenging class that ties breathe to each pose. This class moves quickly and leaves you feeling strong. Some yoga experience suggested.