Erika Mutton

Certified Barre Instructor, Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

Erika found yoga, barre, and pilates as a way to treat herself during the week as she worked a corporate job. Realizing that her passion for movement and improving the lives of others could be fulfilled teaching, she decided to quit her job and pursue those passions.

The whole body integration that barre requires, as well as the fun and upbeat setting, is what kept Erika going to classes and eventually becoming an instructor herself in early 2016. Her classes will have your booty shaking, heart pumping, and sweat dripping as you move to music on and off the barre. 

Erika is a Fort Wayne native, newlywed with her husband Joe, and mother to Sophie -- their yellow lab.

"Don't give up what you want most, for what you want in the moment"