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The Subtle Core

  • Fusion Yoga 6382 W Jefferson Blvd Fort Wayne United States (map)

The core is more than our physical center or the muscles that comprise the abdomen. It is the home of our somatic intelligence and our innate understanding of and connection to everything. Ideally, our core is soft and receptive, our spine free of rigidity or tension. Our spine formed around our organs and holds the deep primordial language of health and wisdom. During this module you will be asked what resides in your core. We will discover and practice supple spine movements fluidity, and continuity of movement. We will release contraction in the core and spine. This module looks deeper into the psoas, pelvic floor, and supportive muscles of the core as well as the inner core lines of energy and vitality (did you know the core actually begins in your feet?). As we begin to move as one, whole and connected primordial being we begin to understand the practical role of each chakra in our expression. This module will introduce healing sound, continuum methods, buoyancy, fluidity, and suppleness of spine. We will break down many postures using our new core awareness, explore primal movements and sounds, build heat, and fully soften into our infinite intelligence.

Facilitated by: Gretchen Fruchey

Dates & Times
January 10th - 12th

Fri 2pm - 6:30pm
Sat 8am - 4pm
Sun 8am - 2pm

Cost: $465 / included in 300-hr teacher training