Jessica Kellenberger

200 hr RYT (Prairie Yoga)

Jess has been practicing yoga for nearly a decade. In 2013, she completed her 200 hour teacher training in order to share her knowledge and love for yoga as it has made such a difference in her life. For Jess, using principles of yoga and meditation have helped her to address chronic back pain, anxiety, foggy brain, food addiction, and has given her the strength and presence of mind to reach her personal goals.

Jess's mission as a yoga teacher is to help students utilize awareness, starting with the physical body to discover what makes each individual stand out and what deeply inspires and gives purpose. Yoga is a tool that helps facilitate the letting go of obstacles and ideas about ourselves and life that stand in the way of our true desires. Jess's classes incorporate principles of Hatha Yoga while including intelligent sequencing dusted with the spirit of organic flow and feeling.

Jess's favorite part of life (besides yoga!) is cooking and sharing food and wine with family and friends -- it's her favorite way to 'soyez zen' -- just be!