Kids' Yoga


Kids yoga is a wonder-filled opportunity for kids to explore their bodies, minds, and potential.  Each class will move through the imaginative mythology that surrounds the yoga asanas as they are introduced to the kids with positive self-empowering themes.  Don’t be fooled by all the fun, kids are still learning mindfulness, body-awareness and breathing practices through each story.

At Fusion Yoga, each class is built around a familiar framework to build comradery and confidence as a community.  We will begin by tuning into the energy of the class with sound.  Each day the children will learn a new way to become aware of their own breath.  Warming the body and moving into age appropriate learning of sun salutations and yoga asana through story will be the bulk of learning and fun while incorporating games and creative movement that is dynamic and playful.  A noticeable transition to quiet will lull the children into a restorative and rewarding relaxation.  Even young children can learn to sit still and follow their breath as they begin the practice of meditation. Before leaving class, the children will have the predictability of a ritual closing that can help to integrate the yoga practice done that day into their daily lives.  All classes are designed for the physical development appropriate to their age and the learning developments key to their emotional and cognitive development. 

Benefits of Kids Yoga:

  • learn breath awareness techniques appropriate to age

  • playful movement in and out of classical yoga asana poses through story

  • learn songs, mantras and mudras

  • develop a deeper sense of their own Inner Power

  • make new friends and move freely

  • feel deeply relaxed and grounded in their own body

  • introduction to basic meditation practice

  • learn Sun Salutation

  • learn how to shift their own energy to match their situation

  • learn the difference between discomfort and pain as their body communicates new sensation

  • build difficulty level of asana poses from week to week

minis kids.JPG

Minis Kids Yoga is all about harnessing all that beautiful and busy energy of early life while developing self-confidence and a sense of inner calm. This fully engaging interactive yoga class will take your little one from crazy to calm through the blissipline of yoga.

 Children in this stage of life are developing rapidly on all levels!  This is the perfect age to begin teaching them the art of listening to their body, understanding their muscles and systems, and how to sort through all the rapid information they are assimilating in their brains.  Learning yoga poses through playful repetition develops motor coordination and a sense of mastery as they use their whole body in a wide range of motion.  Yoga provides opportunity for even the youngest of kids to contain, balance, and direct their own personal energy through breath, mudra, and mantra creating more peace in their inner world and yours! Furthermore, through games, stories, and creative expression minis explore and learn the names of emotions as their form habitual neurological patterns in their brains in response to their world.

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Everyone experiences feelings of stress and worry at times.  When it begins to get in the way of your daily routine and compromises quality of life, it’s time to take action.  Through the Anxious to Awesome ™  six week course, children are given practical tools they can understand and feel confident using when they are feeling anxious or stressed.  Class moves through the five elements to help them feel connected at all levels while understanding their own nature more fully.  These classes are made to be FUN and include cool yoga poses (you get to choose your level), games, drawing/art as well as easy breathing and relaxing practices.  This six week program was created by Mira Binzen (500E-RYT, RCYT) a professional Integrative Yoga Therapist with a background in Child Psychology and founder of Global Family Yoga.  The class will be taught by a yoga teacher with advanced certifications in Kids Yoga and the Therapeutic Applications of Yoga for Children.  Six week series are announced in Events.  Pre-Registration is highly recommended, only 10 students per session.