The Challenge

I sometimes feel it is easy to learn from those who are older than us because it’s easy to look up to them; we revere their life experience, it seems to be the common course of nature. As for learning from those who are younger, I find that I am refreshed, I am given a new perspective and to be honest  - - they make me a little more hopeful. Because I’ve made this a daily effort, I’m tempted to pat myself on the back and give myself an ‘atta girl!” but, have I truly listened or just nodded and moved along my way? Further, do I justify meeting my goal based solely on just running into people over the course of the day? If so, this seems like all I’m doing is stroking my ego.

Celeste Challenge.PNG

So…come my new challenge:

Spend time everyday with someone or something that challenges you.
We all have those people in our lives. Great people who challenge us to be better; people who might be the opposite and who inadvertently challenge us to be more understanding, loving, or peaceful; or maybe someone neutral like the cashier at the store – someone who can be on the receiving end of our impatience because it’s easy to dismiss someone we don’t know. Whoever it may be and whatever the situation, can we take those nuggets of wisdom and experience from the old as well as the fresh, hopeful perspectives from the young and put them to the test? I don’t mean that one should schedule in a day planner specific times to meet up with someone that challenges them -  the universe often works in mysterious ways and many of these challenges will naturally show up.  But, can we face the challenge or present ourselves with daily opportunities to practice?

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Choosing the human instead of the self check out at the store. (Let’s face it - - the grocery is a great place to feel challenged!)
  • Writing my congressman to share my thoughts on my local or national government/policies
  • Choose a yoga class I don’t usually go to (this is the ultimate for me - I attend what I love, thus where is the challenge? - - attending something new or out of my box challenges me)
  • Doing the chore I hate
  • Metta Meditation (you know the part - - loving kindness to someone who has been an obstacle)
  • Call my mom (hahahahaha)
  • Get to know the person I made a snap judgement about

What are your ideas? Whatever the challenge may be - - God Speed Friends!