Ayurveda in the New Year

Whether you're someone who lives to eat or eats to live, there's no getting around it... our digestion is central to our being.  In fact, the center of our digestive system is located at the body's center point.  When digestion is going smoothly, we're rewarded with a sense of well being.  And, when it's not, the stomach lets us know.

Digestion affects our lives on many levels.  For example,  there's the obvious physical discomfort that occurs when the digestive process is going awry.  This is an evolutionary safety mechanism... the body telling us that something needs to be fixed.

The foods you eat can make all the difference when it comes to improving our digestion, and alleviating common symptoms such as gas, bloating, poor nutrient absorption, and digestion.  If your feeling sluggish, bloated, and low on  energy, then taking a look at your digestive system is a great place to start.

An article from Britain's Daily Echo says that ayurveda is, "basically the food equivalent of 'if you're feeling hot, take off your jumper, or if you're feeling cold, put it back on".

If this is interesting and you'd like to learn more, Fusion Yoga is offering a three part series on Yoga and Nutrition led by Nutrition Counselor Ramona Lee and Yoga Instructor Mary Newell.

Ramona Lee has a love for food, cooking, nutrition and healthy living.  She is a registered nurse and certified nutrition and wellness consultant. Her mission is to help individuals age successfully, achieve optimal health, and prevent degenerative diseases through positive food and lifestyle choices.