Anton Mackey

Anton Mackey is an experienced Vinyasa Yoga teacher based out of Phoenix, Arizona.   He came to yoga in search of stress relief, and what he found was the spiritual practice he had always been searching for.  He is grateful that this passion for yoga has allowed him to travel around the globe teaching workshops and teacher trainings, presenting at festivals and leading retreats. His teaching method blends a deep understanding of the anatomical body with a variety of spiritual practices, giving students the space to make a deeper connection to the soul.

Anton's yoga classes are a challenging blend of power (masculine energy) and flow (feminine energy), infused with light-hearted spirituality.  You will find mindful sequences and tricky transitions that move with the breath and music as well as detailed instruction on anatomical alignment. You can expect arm balances and inversions, hands on adjustments, and insightful pointers to apply to your practice.

Anton is a faculty teacher for several teacher training programs.  He holds a degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University, and continues to be a student of many different spiritual traditions.