Vicki Eber

200 hr RYT (Prairie Yoga)

Vicki began her yoga practice in 2004, while going through massage school. She wanted to learn more about mind-body healing and how to help with her client’s healing process. Her personal practice helps keep her stress and anxiety at bay, and helps relieve tension from both sedentary and physical aspects of her career. 


In 2009, Vicki completed her 200 hour training & in 2013 completed certification for wellness coaching. Vicki helps people work with their abilities, and empowers others to harness what they can do to move forward with awareness, breath, and compassion for themselves where they are each day. Yoga inspires Vicki to encourage others to practice off the mat, applying it to every day life. Vicki loves music and movement, and bringing peace to others in this world that can sometimes be not so peaceful.