Corinne Stevens
200-hr RYT

In an effort to become healthier, Corinne began practicing yoga in 2013 with a DVD in her living room. She quickly discovered how the practice could both calm her mind and energize her body, while strengthening her spirituality. It became an essential part of her life.

In 2015, she began yoga teacher training so she could share the gift of yoga with others. Her classes seek to combine the breath with movement, helping students to cultivate an inner awareness of their mental state and physical body. As someone whose dealt with depression and anxiety, Corinne hopes to help others with mental illness find peace in the practice.

Always wanting to learn more, she is currently enrolled in the 300 hour teacher training program. When she’s not on her mat, you can find Corinne serving grilled cheese at the Dash-In or spending time with her precious 5 year old daughter, Leilani.