Gretchen Fruchey

500 ERYT

Gretchen Fruchey has been a certified yoga teacher since 2005. Guided by her varied background that includes Iyengar, Somatics, Tantra, Viniyoga, Inner Power, and Core Flow, she presents authentic, thoughtful, and challenging classes for students to tap into their physical center so they can tap into spiritual center...and then harness it!  She offers students an earthy and practical balance to their practice by training them how to fluidly root to the earth in breath and body, pull from their true power within, and fully express each moment. More than her certifications and trainings, she says that being a mother of four children has been her greatest yoga education and has given her the most insight when it comes to her students. With a mother's eye, she tenderly and carefully watches over her students, guiding them to see the world around them, acknowledge their gifts and reach their highest potential.